Have you ever wondered if all of the claims made by food storage

companies are true? Are you willing to bet your life and the lives of

your loved ones that they are? Are you absolutely sure that your food

will be nutritious, flavorful, edible, safe?

They all make claims that they have the best, most nutritious, best-tasting, long-lasting, etc.

But how can you know? You would think that the government would be looking over their shoulders, making sure that their claims are true and your food is safe. The truth is, they aren't.

The food storage industry has operated for over fifty years without a shred of oversight. Some companies test their food, but the results are for them, not you. Even if they released the results of the testing, is it accurate?  Bad results could cost them sales?  Who can be trusted?

The Food Quality Council is an organization that is impartial. Our group doesn't make food, or sell food. We are the people who will test your food, evaluate it, and issue our seal of approval. That way you can make decisions about where to spend your important preparedness dollars with peace of mind.

Your safety, and the safety of your loved ones is of the utmost importance to you, and to us.

Watch for our seal. As the time go by, more companies will be added to the ranks and earn the Food That Stores™ seal of approval.

Peace of mind for us, and for you.

A Little About Us

We're the Food Quality Council and we're brand new. We are an independent, 3rd party organization that scientifically tests storage food for purity, safety, longevity, flavor, and other important attributes.

Companies whose products pass our rigorous tests will earn the right to display our seal of approval- the Food That Stores™ seal.